LinkedIn Advantages

By: Shanie Glasgow

LinkedIn has many different advantages!

images.jpegOne advantage is that 94% of recruiters are using it! Many companies use this for professional reasons. Whenever an applicant applies for a job on LinkedIn, there is a chance for them to upload their resume and connect their page. This makes it easier for businesses to get more applicants from people seeking jobs. There are constantly people applying for thing through LinkedIn job postings.

Unknown.jpegAnother reason that LinkedIn is beneficial is because you can develop and expand your personal networks of professionals. By building relationships over the internet, as well as face-to-face, people will begin making referrals. This can benefit you because the more people you know and become acquainted with, the more possibilities for yourself in the long run.

LinkedIn is like any other social media platform. You must be active and engage with other people’s content. You don’t have to post everyday, but you should take time to like different things, read stories, and maybe make a couple posts a week!

images-1.jpegNow, there are a couple of things that you should be mindful of whenever using LinkedIn. Being a more “professional” platform, watch out for spelling and grammatical errors. A Jobvite survey said that 54%  of respondents reacted negatively to those with such errors. Also, remember to be ‘social’. That is the whole point of “Social Media.” Many profiles look alike because people don’t have much experience. Building your network and seeking recommendations are two ways to help emphasize your strengths.


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