Pepsi Made the Internet Upset

By Sanjuana Banda | @bysxnj

Earlier this week, Pepsi released a commercial that featured Kendall Jenner. Within a short time frame, the video received countless jokes and comments that filled up Twitter.

The advertisement was posted on Pepsi’s YouTube page, but it is no longer to be found. It was pulled out from the site. Pepsi released an apology after the countless of tweets and feedback over their new advertisement.

Pewdiepie has recently gotten media attention for Wall Street Journal reports of being anti-semitic and thus, he lost partnership with Disney’s Maker Studio which meant his YouTube Red program was canceled. Google also removed him from their preferred advertiser program.

In one of his recent videos, he discussed the Pepsi advertisement. He poked fun at Pepsi for recently pulling out from buying advertisements within Google, to avoid controversy, as they release an advertisement in YouTube which made many people upset. He also criticizes Pepsi for using Kendall Jenner as a “family friendly” spokesperson. As he watches the advertisement, he researches whether Kendall was part of the Women’s March in January. He found out that she did not attend, but wished she could. This made the advertisement feel even less sincere as in the advertisement, she is portrayed as someone who joins a movement for justice.

Many others YouTubers reacted to Kendall Jenner advertisement for Pepsi.

Advertising agencies such as Wieden+Kennedy and The Black Sheep Agency reacted to the Pepsi advertisement. Wieden+Kennedy questioned whether this was the worst ad of all time. The Black Sheep Agency’s CEO and founder, Aimee Woodall, wrote an article in Ad Age about her experience in cause marketing and giving advice to brand to distinguish whether their brand is a brand to take part of a movement.

One thing we all learned from this incident is that brands need to be careful of what they produce. In climate of like this, brands can be easily feel like that incorporating causes into their brands might boost their brand. Pepsi showed us that is not necessarily correct. Using a social movement to grain product gain is not a way to go.

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