Productivity on Instagram

Every social media manager wants to be proactive, save time and money when managing their social media networks and content. Every social platform has their unique special perk. Using the most effective and productive strategies to build your network is essential.

Surprisingly Instagram is doing well. To keep high productivity there are certain components that are highly recommended to put in place. Starting off with one of the main key strategy which is using Hashtags. Especially relatable hashtags to help reach a larger audience outside of your circle of followers. The more hashtags the more brand exposure you will have. It is KEY to have RELATABLE hashtags and understand the meaning of each to make sure the correct message is being portrayed.


You want engagement with your audience. Keep communication with you them. You want to build a relationship with your followers and network. Read their comments and participate in a conversation. Keep comments positive and professional. You want to maintain a good presence of your page which people will be more inclined to trust your brand. Another note for high productivity on Instagram which I find VERY important is consistency. In Chris Preston’s interview with Influencive he said, “Be consistent with your posts and post multiple times per day. It might seem like a lot of work, but it will be worth it if you want to grow. The more you post, the more often you will be in your follower’s feeds. This will create more people liking and tagging their friends on your posts. The biggest thing is to think of growth like a marathon. Being consistent and continually giving quality content everyday will eventually compound over time.” As well all know, to be consistent with your content involves a lot of time. Time, you should invest to make sure your brand is being marketed properly. But remember that everything worth invest is worth gold in the end.


Finally, utilizing the awesome Instagram stories and live features they have kindly added. Stories and live can be a very valuable if done correctly. People love seeing the daily live activities going on with your page, brand, and how all is involved. These two features also give them an inside scoop. Great for social media marketing and exclusive sneak peaks! Again, at the end of the day you want as much engagement with your followers. Feedbacks and hearing their comments are important!

Put in the work and take the time to build your page. One step at a time and things will start rolling! Best of luck!

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