Fashion Week: Men’s Edition

By: KeAndra Hill


It’s April! Bring on the Fashion week trends!

It’s no secret that women cannot get enough of all the glitz and glam during the bi-annual, infamous Fashion Week(s). These are often times held in New York, London, Paris, and a few other little places will participate during Spring and Fall.  We can easily spot the trends for our lovely ladies, but what about our males?

This year, Spring 2017 Fashion Week really focused on giving our men something to be excited about. And of course all of social media was front and center to give all those who were not fortunate enough to attend shows, the ability to experience them in some way through the media. Other than great bodies, sculpted faces, and tall statures, there was definitely a few other things to notice and take note of from the men in Fashion Week. One big statement to have noticed on the runway were all the 50s inspired looks with high-waisted trousers and bowling shirts. We also noticed the white knights trend that had our men decked out in all-over white and botanical suiting that involved all-over floral décor. From rich brocades to literal drawings being featured on garments, 2017 Fashion Week really showed our men some love.

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Social media created a love/hate relationship with fashion during this week with all the coverage. Of course social media gives brands and designers the ability to talk directly to their consumers. Stylist and designers are able to walk consumers through exclusive processes through media. But all the coverage can also be spoilers when designs are leaked before they are introduced. There are pros and cons to the media in these instances, but one must know how to really navigate media in order to use it as an advantage.







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