Has Social Media become a part of our lives or are we just addicted…

By: Tehquin Hampton

Slowly over the years social media has become more and more interacted into our lives. At first it was just looking at social media when we were on our computers and laptops but that changed because everyone now has smartphones. Now we can check social media at any point of time. Sometimes I even find myself looking at posts that I already looked at earlier when there has not been any new content posted. This got me thinking; is social media a part of our lives or are we addicted to it.

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There are a few factors that explain why we have become addicted to social media. As humans we need validation and we feed on likes, views, shares, and retweets. We also have this fear of missing out. When there’s something going on in the community or our world we do not want to be left out. I can remember in my high school days I would not be on Twitter for one night and I would miss out on something big and feel completely felt out. I would then make sure to check Twitter every night to make sure that I wasn’t missing out on anything big. Being on social media connecting and engaging with people makes us feel good about ourselves. But The most interesting thing I think makes us addicted is the fact that being on social media gives our brains the same reaction as doing cocaine. We are in a way doing a drug every time we engage on social and it is completely socially acceptable. Will we ever put a limit on how much social media we are a loud to have?



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