How Netflix is Slowly Killing Movie Theatres

By Samuel Boyd

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Netflix is quickly growing to a point where it might render movie theatres unnecessary. It is a far-reaching concern, but what happens when a future generation of moviegoers decide that it is cheaper to get unlimited movies for $10 a month as opposed to $15 every time they go to the physical theatre?

Money over mind. Mind over matter.

So what has made Netflix such a universal success?

Part of the success may be due to Netflix’s growth with technology, namely the different social media platforms. Netflix has been very active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but they have adopted a very strange concept when it comes to their Twitter interactions. As the info graphic on this article shows, Netflix has multiple Twitter accounts depending on the region of the world the audience lives in. Netflix does this in order to really bring in a very specific audience. And the crazy thing is that Netflix is active on almost every single one of its accounts.

Netflix is using social media as a branding technique, which makes sense given that the average person is on a social media platform for a good part of his/her day. Not many physical theatres have too heavy of a social media preference. People are more likely to see a tweet regarding a new movie added to Netflix than to go out of their way to try and find show times at their local Cinemark.

This article breaks down how Netflix is cornering the market on social media marketing by combining elements of engagement, quality content, and personality. Netflix is as big a fan of movies as its followers are. That level of similarity creates a lot of trust, which keeps Netflix fans loyal.

So whether by traditional means or not, Netflix is able to keep growing while many movie theatres die out or go away. Perhaps the theatres can make a resurgence using the same social media approach as Netflix.





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