How social media is affecting news indsutry.

By Fernando Guzman

In our generation traditional news are becoming less relevant every day. It is all about social media nowadays that the news industry had been affected in a huge way. People are using Facebook, twitter, and digital newspaper instead of the newspapers. It may sound unbelievable but online news generates more revenue than print newspaper and there several reasons why. First of all, there is no need to buy print newspaper anymore since we have online news already. Also, people that use Facebook and twitter, since the first second they log in, there are a bunch of news already in their home page, in other words news are everywhere in the social media in this generation. It is good to know that some people only use Facebook to be inform of what is happening in the world. I can perfectly say that social media is a pathway to news pretty much, it is amazing how you can read everything that is happening in the world and be inform just by the social media. In Facebook for example, half of site users have shared news stories, images or videos. In addition to sharing news in Facebook, a very small portion are also covering several news themselves, by posting instant news, photos and videos of news events. Through Facebook and twitter people really get engage and start discussing about any news becomes a online newspaper where people are available to discuss and share their point of view, so it gets more interesting. The good thing about online newspapers or all that is related to social media is that all the news that are happening in the moment are either posted on twitter and Facebook so people do not have to wait till the next day to figure it out what is going on in the world, so if we see it that way it brings a bunch of positive things and people get to know ever single detail of the news throughout the day. For instance, according to a pew research center survey, 35 percent of respondents between ages of 18 and 29 said that social media was the “most helpful” source of information about the presidential campaign, and for those aged 30 to 49, social media ranked third, behind cable tv and news website. But we can clearly see how young people find social media especially useful in order to be inform. Social media is a new platform for everything, political information, events and opinions, and I can say that print newspapers would be out of business at some point, I do not know exactly when but it is going to happen.


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