Instagram: Open for Business

by Robert Jones Jr. | @rjmajorjr

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The app that is well-known for its striking visuals and recently added short clips as turned its attention towards something new: advertising for businesses. This isn’t something that is totally new to Instagram, but the potential that Instagram possesses makes it unique.

Instagram was not meant to be a haven for businesses when first created. But ever since Facebook’s acquisition in 2012, the social medium has turned into another monster rivaling the parent company itself. The algorithm, however has been changed in order to implement more posts that the user is predicted to enjoy.

This may not be a bad thing, actually. This does help small businesses find their niche and create a solid, steady fan base. It is also noted by Instagram’s internal research that 80 percent of Instagrammers follow at least one business profile today. So there is a high engagement rate with followers, as well as the chance to have social influencers market your brand. Interest will always be peeking as long as the posts are reaching the right audience.

As of March 2017, Instagram has attracted 1 million advertisers. The advertising boom is just beginning and is in no way slowing down anytime soon. A big reason to why is because Instagram helps these businesses obtain a following. They are active in helping companies set up a profile page and help them reach their consumer base in the best way possible.

The future for business in Instagram is bright. With the hundreds of millions of followers along with the millions of brands on the network, there are many possibilities to be discovered. The addition of small clips might set another advertising boom on Instagram, and the outlook of creativity will be interesting to watch.



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