Kendall Jenner? What is you doing?

By: Oluwaseun Akinwale

In recent days Pepsi decided to release a commercial starring Kendall Jenner. Kendall Jenner is a rich young model that barely had to work for anything she has. Simply because she is with-in the Kardashian Clan.  Social media is what keeps that family famous. The Pepsi commercial started out with Kendall Jenner ripping off her blonde wig in order to make some sort of a statement. The commercial shows people from all different backgrounds and demographics. Everyone in the commercial seems to be protesting peace with smiles, dancing, and musicians playing instruments. Then Kendall decides to hand Pepsi to a cop to promote supposed peace.

kendall pepsi main.png

When Kendall handed the police officer a Pepsi that raised an uproar on social media, with memes being cranked out immediately as well as almost everyone having an opinion via all social media apps such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Clearly Pepsi was so taken aback by the reaction that social media gave that the advertisement ended up being taken down.


Personal Opinion: The commercial simply did not fit within today’s society. Especially with whats going on with black live matters and other factors that effect minorities in today’s America. The fact that they placed a privileged socialite to promote peace with officers with subjects that had nothing to do with made absolutely no sense. That is why it caused such a social media frenzy. The commercial was done with poor taste and whoever let the advertisement be released should’ve thought twice about it. They were trying to make a global statement that Pepsi could solve the problems that today’s world faces. It was a complete fail.

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