louise.delage on Instagram and Betc


Louise Delage is a famous Instagram blogger famous for her interesting, adventurous life. She is 25, French, and loves to try new things. She is also not real.

Delage was created by a French advertising agency called Betc. They spent time “creating” a woman who is beautiful, daring, and lives an exciting life. All of “her” pictures are her kissing fish, learning archery, hanging out on the beach…etc. They all have one thing in common, however. There is an alcoholic drink somewhere in each frame.


Not one of her 111k followers has ever commented on the fact that her “life” involves so much alcohol. And that was the whole point of the advertising firm’s statement- that you or someone you know can slip into alcoholism without anyone knowing it. The agency said that social media calls for good content in young people- and often times that includes alcohol. They said that alcohols is “sneaky and about frequency. It’s a sickness really.”

This campaign was created with an addiction organization that raises awareness about addiction– especially in the social media generation. Their campaign is a call for action to talk to your friends and have conversations for the sake of being aware of issues brought on because of our picture-perfect lives; that even though someone seems like they have this incredible life, doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily true.


Betc revealed that Louise Delage had a drinking problem one month (and 50k followers) into the campaign. After nearly a year, the agency revealed that they made up this woman. And people have been talking about it since. Their goal of raising awareness about addiction and having tough conversations worked.

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