Social Media Zodiac Obsession By Chastany Beaver

It’s obvious that people on social media love when they scroll across a zodiac post. At least 30 percent of content posted on all my social media platforms from my followers are zodiac lifestyles, relationships, etc, and the more and more I see these post I can’t help to find myself reposting and engaging.  But some of these posts are freaking ridiculous and I see my followers are obsessed!

When horoscope posts first became popular, they were sensible. They really related to the actually zodiac sign they were describing.  You could read one post or article about your zodiac sign and say, “Ohmygod, that is so me!”, but astrology in the media are just generalizations to get readers to buy more of what they are selling and simply don’t make sense at all.

Despite the obvious foolishness from these post, some of my followers are persistent in reposting anything that makes them look good about their zodiac sign even though deep down inside they knew were personally untrue. are great examples of such activity.

Regardless of this popular trend, people should just be aware of what’s true or false when looking for horoscope descriptions. Don’t let social media determine your life.



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