The Future of Public Relations: Social media influence

Amairani De La Sancha


Public Relations is mainly used to create and maintain a good reputation for organizations, politicians and celebrities. PR specialists are creative in the way they use strategies to send their message to the public. This kind of communication is an unpaid media where PR people earn their credibility for the organization they are managing. In the traditional media age PR relied on print and broadcast media whereas now they have social media to spread their messages. Publicists understand that times have changed and they are now paying attention to what people are saying online about an organization they represent. PR agencies will look at how customers are being treated and how they feel about the company. By doing so they will acknowledge the ways in which they can improve the company that they represent.

In the old day publicists used press releases to spread their news, but now social media has paved the way for PR specialists to inform journalists and other media outlets what a company’s next projects will be. Since news spreads like wildfire online it can make or break a company a part. PR can also be affordable for smaller businesses who cannot afford to hire an agency. These small businesses can utilize an experienced person who is aware of how to manage social media for an organization. More than likely they can hire young college millennials who know a thing or two about communication.

Some of the objectives for PR agencies are promoting their clients and making their brand look as good as possible. The first steps into achieving these goals are by doing their research, analyzing their data and lastly evaluating their results. PR agencies will do well in planning out exactly how they will execute their client’s goals. Overall, PR agencies think the idea of buying followers on any form of social media platform will not work because they want to remain credible to the public. For instance, the amount of attention and influence they receive for giving journalists information and letting them write a story about them is all they want. They will continue to remain true to their ideals. What is important for them is the content they put out than the number of people who follow them.


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