The Growing Importance of Pinterest

By Mary Cage | @MaryCagePTG

It seems as though most people believe there to be three social media giants: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, there are a number of other platforms that are largely popular and impactful. Perhaps one of the most overlooked ones is Pinterest.

A unique social networking site that is lifestyle-focused, Pinterest allows users to “pin” images on “boards,” often organized by topic or category. While this may make Pinterest seem to be more of a blog site versus a social network, it still has following, liking, commenting and sharing features like your staple social media platform.

But where does Pinterest’s impact come in? In 2013, it was recorded as the fastest-growing website in the Internet’s history. And perhaps the reason behind this lies behind the nature of Pinterest. It is more than just a social network, as it is also a tool for inspiration. Content that users can find and pin on Pinterest is often used as or becomes inspiration for shopping, cooking and planning. In fact, Pinterest has essentially become known as a go-to platform for planning do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, events and weddings.

In addition to these aspects, perhaps what sets Pinterest apart is its focus on visuals. Its layout is all about the visual elements of content, which has been proven to be very

pinterest layout
Pinterest layout. Source: The Daily Egg

effective. With visual information being very effective among consumers, this has been a terrific strategy for a platform like Pinterest. This also gives Pinterest a user-friendly interface, making it that much easier for all users.

Altogether, Pinterest should not just be passed on for being a photo and idea-sharing platform. It is an innovative, visual-focused website capable of sharing anything from shopping items to food recipes to blogs, articles, and websites – with the twist being that everything is represented by a photo. It is no surprise that an innovative, unique website Pinterest has become such an important social network.



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