The Millennial Seamless Experience

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By: Michaela Bull



The Millennial Seamless Experience


In general, Millennials increasing use of technology over the past decade has only created an even stronger expectation and standard of offering a seamless element to ones life. The use of devices has only become simpler as advancements and more innovation have made the concept of ‘all in one’ a bigger reality. Even with the introduction of the IPhone being one of the leaders into this movement, the IPhone has developed the norm in having a plethora of aspects of your life in one machine. The concept although scary for many initially has paved opportunity to connect consumer with device in the most seamless and easy way possible.


Innovative technology has clearly developed over time. The use of voice control and augmented reality are already coming into a normalcy in 2017. Concepts such as Google Home and Alexa are being placed in more people’s homes and an overabundance of apps offering capabilities of one stop shopping experiences and weather updates are being positioned in millions of mobile devises.


Millennials don’t hesitate to interact with these machines. Millennials expect these machines to run seamlessly and offer everything they have said they will. The Millennial consumer is not only expecting that easy experience but also looking for that experience to offer a side of personalization, authenticity, and relatability. Similar to the initial idea of the IPhone, Millennials embrace the concept of linking up all devices simply to make everything easier. As long as companies understand that most importantly, these machines cannot fail their bottom line tasks, they will be able to thrive on a positive relationship with this large consumer base. The companies that desire to push even further, will see that millennials wish to be acknowledged as individuals and for their experience to ultimately be effortless.





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