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When one uses the hashtag….and no I’m not talking about the hashtag itself like last time…but when one uses the hashtag, they utilize it in a way that creates engagement and interaction between online users. In order to make this function effective in your online career, you must first understand what useful techniques come with the tag itself. With that being said, here are some tips to help you achieve this goal!


  1. Make a Trend that attracts a large target audience.


When creating trends for the internet (or mainly twitter and Facebook), the first step to getting something to trend is to make sure the idea itself is favorable for a large crowd from the online community. People in present day America tend to have a very outspoken opinion on any topic that occurs in media outlets such as television, literature, or (yup you guessed it), the online world. With this concept being the way it is, you have to sell your trend/idea merely by presenting a mutual interest with your peers. Once you achieve this, you then create acknowledgement for your idea which will generate a higher chance of more engagement.


  1. When you receive feedback, go interact!


Interaction is key when you are in a professional atmosphere that requires you to be more involved with a project. The same idea works online as well when you are engaging conversation with your peers via social media. When you create conversation, you create engagement, which then helps with the SERP ranking for your particular trend. With this improved SERP ranking, you then see your trend become more talked about by others, which then accomplishes your initial goal. People like to feel like they are important online if they are being attended to in a conversation pertaining to the original trend that they were promoting.


With both tips, you should for sure get well SEO recognition in your trends. Hopefully, this blog post helped you understand more what people like to see in a trend!

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