Ways you can Promote your Business on Social Media

By Abisola Adeyemi



This semester, I’ve learned a little something about the magic that occurs when you promote your brand or business using social media. While preforming various SWOT analysis, throughout the semester; I find a common weakness between some businesses.

This common weakness is their social media. Depending on your product and audience the internet can serve as a SUPER POWER tool, for you.

Imagine Rocky, a gym owner, trying to drive in traffic to her business. She has an amazing gym facility, but it’s still slow. Let’s name the gym “Jungle Fit.” Jungle Fits target audiences are millennials and families, this gym promotes wellness for all.

I take a look at their social media pages and to my surprise, they have a decent amount of followers, but they don’t update their page as often as they could. The only thing is the owner doesn’t understand how to use her businesses social media page to bring awareness to her business.

Since Jungle Fit is targeting Millennials and families, they will need to:

  • Post about why they should come to your gym, and how it will benefit your target audience.
  • Make sure you are updating your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages regularly with promotions, because people love discounts.
  • Add more visual content. Jungle Fit has a fabulous gym, so why not add pictures of the awesome equipment and promo videos for the youth and families to watch.
  • Introduce some kind of incentive for your followers, to let them know that you appreciate the ones that come in and if they’re not current member’s introduce free passes, so they can just come try it out.
  • Share testimonials of people that have worked out at the gym and achieved amazing results, people love a good story.

These rules are basic guidelines to achieving success for any business. Use your social Media to enhance what you already have by engaging with your online audience. By the time you get retweets, and shares from all of your awesome content online, you’d attract new faces.






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