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By: Taylar GomezWearable_Technology1

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The Internet of things is shaping the retail space and giving a better understanding of the customer journey to purchasing a product. Success for retailers starts with knowing their customer and what it is they want and need. The connected consumer is capable of providing an immense amount of valuable data to retailers. Consumers are more willing to share information with products they can trust will make their lives easier. There are few cutting edge products that make consumers lives easier and grant retailers data they can build relationships with. Wearable’s are among these products and becoming more valuable to retailers in order to leverage this valuable data. Wearables allow retailers to collect data on individuals including location, health, and fitness routines, without asking them to perform specific tasks, but by simply going about their daily routine. Among the up and coming wearable products to be released, I have found the two that I believe to have outstanding attributes.

The first product is the Nuheara IQbuds. These ear buds act as noise cancelling headphones as well as hearing aids. While wearing these ear buds you can cancel out any outside distracting noises to better focus on your task at hand. You can blend the music you are listening to with the sounds around you to create awareness of where you are, without having to mute your favorite song. These ear buds amplify your experience with a customizable app, which allows you to save your hearing profiles.

The second product is the Mio SLICE heart rate and activity tracker. The bracelet activity and health tracker goes beyond measuring ones steps. This is the first activity tracker to feature personal activity intelligence, which allows for real time health feedback for a personal score to the wearer. This wearable bracelet measures sleep tracking as well. The wearer’s sleep quality is automatically monitored and feedback is given.

These products are only two among the many wearable’s that are set to be released in the coming years. As long as the consumers is willing to share personal information with the products, wearable’s will continue to become more individualized. In return retailers will be able to better target their intended audience with this newfound information about their customers.



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