Why is this worth fuzzing over?

By TingHsuan(Rose) Kuo

Ever since we started talking about the Kendall Jenner Pepsi advertisement in class on Wednesday, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I looked up and read through everything single article, tweets related to this topic. I came to a conclusion that I DON’T GET IT.


Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

When Pepsi release the newest advertising campaign with Kendall Jenner, the media went crazy. The commercial raised many controversial and sensitive topic around the nation. People started bashing on the advertisement on social media especially twitter, and calling out Kendall Jenner for agreeing to this commercial. Some say the commercial is unoriginal, saying it was trying copy off Coca- Cola in 1971. Celebrity and social activist were in shock of the planning of the commercial, and argue why was it even approved in the first place.

I, on the other hand, see the ad just being any other ad “trying to get you buy the drink,” “making you think Pepsi is cool.” I read the articles over and over again, in attempt to understand why people get so offended and upset about this ad. To me, it’s just like one text message being “read-into” way more than it intended to. The advertisement was released globally but it seems like no one else in the world care too much about it, when issues like racism, immigrants, protestors are all existing problems now and in the past to every other country.


Photo Credit: Toofab

Social media is a way that we learn to use to connect with one and another, also allow us to feel free to speak our own opinion and response/ react to situations as soon as possible. From the recent social movements, as a society we all learned to speak out our voice through tools like social media. In the sense that we are all watching into everyone’s life. When we see injustice on social media, we speak up and trashed that person’s account even though we weren’t even there when the event happed or we don’t even know the person at all. No matter what the Pepsi ad intent is, it did bring all of us to talk about it and react to it almost immediately.



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