How’s Your Fake News Doing?

My stepmom is on Facebook from 1 p.m. to 10 o’clock and yet she gets all her news from my dad. He gets his news from Fox. I get my news where I can get it. There is no affiliation in my blood to either side of politics. Every news station is cashing out on their punchlines in their headlines making it all sound cheap and exaggerated before I read what is on the news today. It’s not that the news isn’t biting, it’s just too biting while lacking a significant wit. Today, journalists are all understudies of Hunter S. Thompson, attacking anything they haven’t associated themselves with. Except when they are getting paid by a certain service.

Maybe it takes noticing who was suspended from TheBlaze for mentioning her views on abortion. A very personal stance was used to against her for reprimanding, for an example. “Do not have different opinions.” You get the same things from teachers when they ramble their politics in your ear while they sit on the money you gave them.

The world works to accompany whatever story you have made up for it. Is Trump a hero to the people or is he the villain that we have been working up to defeating for the first two acts of our lives? Either answer is an opinion. We bully people into submitting to our culture. This happens anytime someone has an opinion that goes contrary to the rest of the public.

We accepted homosexuals into the fabric of our culture with movies. Slowly, we have all come accustomed to the horrors that this part of society feels from being oppressed. When did weed become legalized? A decade after Blow came out where we cried for Johnny Depp, whose daughter visiting him in prison was just his imagination working past his withdrawals. Selling bricks gets you Penelope Cruz until the cops find you. We didn’t like that ending as a society and this is the change coming because of it. Art may imitate life, but we will imitate art right back. America put down cigarettes for a long time because cancer is a horrible thing. I even watched my grandfather die of it. But, in my mind I look just like James Dean with the cancer stick hanging out of my teeth.

Movies have created a new society: one where we look for the answers in life to come from movies. Trump talks like a villain from the 80’s. In my opinion, he is the next Reagan. He is here to ruin the lives of those he doesn’t understand. But that’s an opinion and no amount of factual evidence could deter half of the world from seeing him that way. The problem is not Fake News. It is the people that follow it, knowing it’s wrong, just because they would like the world to work they way they believe it does. If he is the villain, then we are heroes. If he is the hero, then the Republicans won by putting him on that pedestal. People are only looking to win in the stories they have created. Those who create Fake News understand this. They know that our society has been brainwashed by something completely worse. To stop from looking at our real problems, we read hyperbolic news. We trash our lungs and our minds when we know the outcome. But we just want to be heroes and some heroes smoke. Some heroes like to own all women when they walk in the room. What did you think James Bond was? Is he still that 60’s hero? I watched Sean Connery sexually assault a poor lady doctor in Thunderball. My dad was named after him because of James Bond. My grandmother named him.

By Tyler Hanson


Published by

UNT Eagle Strategies

Class members of the social media class in the Mayborn School of Journalism