Memes Get a High Fashion Makeover

By: Shannon Williams

Memes have become one synonymous with internet and youth culture. They phenomenon has evolved into its own global language. Recently brands have taken to creating entire meme marketing campaigns on Instagram to connect with and reach digital native millennials. High fashion luxury brands are jumping on the bandwagon in order to be seen as more relatable and attainable to younger fashion conscious audiences.

Alexander Wang was one of the first to try out the trend to promote his upcoming show at New York Fashion Week. They were received well fashion audiences as they poked fun at the ridiculousness of the fashion industry and showed a humorous and fun side of it.


Gucci was the most recent brand to venture into the new space and launched an entire marketing campaign to launch and promote the new Le Marché des Merveilles watch collection. They brand, which has had a recent resurgence under the direction of Alessandro Michele, has used the campaign to connect with younger audiences and be seen as more relatable.   Gucci partnered with a number of different famous artists and meme creators around the world to create branded memes.



(Gucci Instagram)

Some were new pop culture focuses, such as the starter pack meme, others had high fashion editorial imagery, while others incorporated historical paintings. They campaign was received extremely well and brought fun back into fashion. It made the brand seem much more relatable to younger generations and not quite as uptight and stuffy as it has seemed in the past. Over all it was well received by all audiences, generated excitement and buzz around the brand, and was shared all across social media.

House of Holland is the latest brand to try the meme marketing campaign and recently partnered with @Shitmodelmanagment, an account that makes fashion related memes, to promote their new collection.


(House of Holland Instagram)

I am sure we will see more brands try this out in an effort to better connect with younger digital audiences.

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