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cell phone have been taking up so much of peoples time its ridicules. It doesn’t only take time but the ability to say no. It affects self control, it’s like a person has to check their phone every five minute. have you ever tried having your phone close and not checking it ? it almost seem impossible. If it ain’t apps then its games, if not games social media, and if not that its talking or texting. Its pretty much impossible to put your phone down and focus on the task in hand. today is the day we brake all the bad habits with or cell phone

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Iv’e asked around a done a few researches myself to see whats the best way to keep from getting distracted with the cellular phone. Kevin, a good friend of mine when I asked. how do he avoid from the distraction? he said he keeps his phone off in his bag so that way he wont be tempted to check. The flashy lights from the notifications wont tempt him to check his phone ever 5sec.

I also kept asking around because if your anything like I am then you know just having it in your phone is not enough. I went to this guy named Jack, I asked him how dose he keep from the cell phone distractions he told me that he keep it in his car before class. Jack had one rule no cellphones on school campus and he was very strict about following them rules.

Both Kevin and jack had some great methods on how not to get distracted by their cell. Kevin’s Idea of keeping it in your backpack until class was over is great for the people that can not stop checking on their phones ever five second. Jacks idea is also great to keeping it in your car/home until you are done with class works amazing.

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