The Best of Social Media Marketing

We are exposed to so many advertisements in the day, so many strategies and tactics, and different goals. I decided to look at the best of social media campaigns by ImpactBnd, a Hubspot partner. I wanted to specifically look at what sets these campaigns apart, and if there is always a “call-to-action” or if it seems to just be for entertainment.


The number one choice for great social media campaign ideas was by GE, and their #6SecondScienceFair. The video was posted on Vine and Tumblr only; they reposted content from users who used their hashtag. This post was strictly to promote the brand, and increase engagement.

Vine Post

Coming in at #9, “April Fools: Helium Beer by Samuel Adams. Just another reason I really want to work for a beer brand. The freedom is great because the loyalty is so great. As a beer brand, they can really grasp who their biggest audience is. Samuel Adams doesn’t even have to talk to all of their fans to keep them buying. They just provide a good laugh. These strategies are to make their current audience happy, and craving a cold one.

April Fools: Helium Beer

At #25 is NPR. It isn’t viral, but they made the list because they strive to make all content useful to their followers. This creates a good relationship without having to constantly be in communication.

#Jobsearch by NPR

Overall, it seems like the content that goes viral online and the content that succeeds in marketing is simple. It doesn’t have to be some big complex idea or process. If you reach your goal as a marketer you have succeeded. I chose these examples because they are strong and entertaining and show how different brands have to have different strategies and tactics to reach their individual goal. Each company has a specific audience, most of the time; however, companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Chick-fil-a, and others can get away with certain things much easier than smaller brands. They should know their audience well enough to know that the ones they are targeting are strong enough to balance out the negative feedback.


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