The Power Of Social Media


By Erin Kennard


Bana Alabed, seven year old Syrian girl who tweets from besiege Aleppo is using social media to bring awareness to the horrors of the Syrian city, Aleppo. One might call Bana Alabed a modern day Anne Frank as she talks about how all her little brother know about the world is bombing. The Syrian city Aleppo has been going through civil war for multiple years now. Social media has shown us bombings of hospital, dead kids floating in oceans, bombings of children and multiple other bombing related deaths. Bana Alabed will publish her memoir this fall.


Bana Alabed book will be titled ” Dear World.” In that book Alabed talks about her experiences in Syria and how she and her family is adapting to life in Turkey.C9OhGBrWsAAthVd.jpg

Bana Alabed has 371,000 followers on twitter and she uses her twitter to bring awareness to eastern Aleppo.

“The only day God will be happy is when we end all wars in this world. No more wars. Peace.” Bana Alabed tweeted.

Here’s a tweet of Alabed honoring tweet for the recent US bombing contributed to end the Syrian war.

Screen Shot 2017-04-15 at 2.06.30 PM.png

The US and Syrian relationship has become rocky due to the Syrian government recent chemical gas attacks use on its own citizens.


Social media has been a huge force in bring awareness to this devastation in Syrian. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram has all been social outlets to let the world see what been going on in Syria. Without social media this problem probably wouldn’t have seem as bad or got the attention of human rights advocates. We, the world still have a job to do to hold Syrian accountable for the human rights violation they have contributed too. The power of social media can stop any major force, social media works because it brings people from all over the world to see issue in the world.


Here’s video of the bombings.




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