A Death In The Family : Who’s Namesake Do We Die On?

Early wednesday morning the twitter sphere began to circulate an article on a fallen star who had died that morning in a battle with leukemia at the age of 57 years old. Charlie Murphy was a writer and actor known for his impactful voice acting talent in shows such as the Boondocks and the Chappelle Show and games such as Grand Theft Auto.  If you know anything abou178337974_1492018577.jpgt comedy though the last name Murphy might resonant with you more. If this is the case this is because, Charlie Murphy was not only related to Eddie Murphy he was his brother. As such article began popping up breaking the news that Charlie had died but, in a less taking way to audiences. Headlines such as rs_1024x759-170412102138-1024-charlie-murphy-rip-eddie-murphy.jpg” Eddie Murphy’s older brother Charlie dies at 57 ” and ” Charlie Murphy Cause of Death: How Did Eddie’s Brother Die? “. Now to the everyday person titles like these were fine, they gave informative titles that help understand the situation in theory but, to fans this was seen as offensive. Fans of all kinds took to tweeter to declare how upset they were with these titles. Readers who know of Charlie’s legacy felt that this put a hold on who he was and brought down his name sake as a whole. This brought a question about whether it right to use his brothers name to help audiences understand or should it be left as just simply ” Charlie Murphy Dies at 57 “. Tweeter spoke up believing in the idea that if you knew who he was then it wasn’t necessary to include who his brother was a some explained by using his brothers namesake it made his legacy seem weak as if he had ridden on his brothers name to gain success and fame instead of having worked for it himself.





By Cameron Richardson

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