By: Kenya Mavhera

Over a million people anxiously watched as April the giraffe, the internet star sensation, gave birth to her calf on Saturday April 15th. The overdue delivery caused quite a bit of buzz throughout all social networks. It all started when the Animal Adventure Park in rural New York began live streaming April as she was expected to give birth to her calf earlier this year. After months of patiently waiting the audience screams out “It’s a Boy!” on Saturday morning. The delivery was finally happening as #AprilTheGiraffe began trending on twitter and had everyone talking. But where did all of this commotion begin and when did the birth of a baby giraffe become the next internet sensation?

Photo Credit: Elitedaily.com

In early January, April the giraffe, was predicted to give birth within the next couple weeks as a live stream of her began to take place at Animal Adventure Park. As weeks turned into months the live stream of April became the next popular thing on social media. People began getting hooked on the internet patiently waiting for the birth to occur as daily up to date tweets would go out regarding April and her well being. No one wanted to miss the birth of the year as the live stream continued. Many people became inpatient as speculations of the birth being a hoax arose, others didn’t even believe April was pregnant which got them even more hooked on watching the live stream to prove if the pregnancy was real or not. Whatever the case, millions watched as April gave birth to a healthy baby boy on Saturday morning. Social Media can tend to be a crazy thing, even the most natural things such as a giraffe giving birth can blow up and become viral. But maybe that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Animal Adventure Park is located in rural New York, due to the uproar of April’s birth the park has received a lot of publicity in just a matter of months. All because of the delivery and the suspension that came with it, many tourists that have traveled to the park from all over the U.S to witness April and the calf for themselves. The Animal Adventure Park is expected to have a busy summer as the publicity of April’s delivery continues to cause them a lot of attention.

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Photo Credit: @AprilTheGiraffe

So what’s next for the giraffe star sensation and her baby calf? April is predicted to still receive a lot of publicity as viewers now watch the every move and upbringing of the calf. But in a way that’s how social media works. It’s one story after another and once people begin to get bored something new will pop up that’ll get them hooked once again. Right now the latest topic is #AprilTheGiraffe, by next week who knows what people will be stirring up. For now we can sit back and watch April the star sensation as she continues to receive her time of internet fame.


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