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As it has been well-established, much can be done with social media. It can promote, enhance, sell, and inform. But it’s not often talked about how social media can provide voice to the often silenced and ignored, allowing for a shared and communal form of self-expression. On Twitter, one such community has been able to fashion virality into almost a habit. This community is often heralded as Black Twitter.

With memes, jokes and challenges like the Mask Off Challenge (based off of Future’s flute-lauding hit Mask Off), much of the entertaining content springing from Twitter and being shared with the world is very distinctly a product of Black Twitter. Black Twitter, for those who could find the term confusing, describes a community of Black twitter user that, for the most part, produce a lot of the viral content on Twitter. Like, as mentioned before, many hashtags spring up from this community, as well as challenges and memes.

But aside from the incredible entertaining capabilities of this twitter community, much can also be said about their ability to promote social justice and further social causes. This has all been done through creative hashtags and movements targeting different issues like street harassment, police brutality, etc.

Furthermore, an interesting issue being addressed is the glaring discrepancy between how white and Black social media content creators are able to monetize their social media success, with Black creators almost always not being able to make a profit off of their creations.

Overall, Black twitter is a community that has been able to learn the ropes of what makes social media outlets like twitter a perfect way of communication and of creation. There is much to learn from their methods of making things go viral.

By: Maritza Ramos


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