How social media is affecting education

By Fernando Guzman

In nowadays Social media has had a profound impact on education. It is important to know that this technology is only going to increase its influence on the education every single day. We live in a time that everything we do is related it to social media and we are just relying on social media in every step we make in life. Everything is changing, literally everything, even in the way we deliver instructions is changing. Even though, technology can be sometimes good for us since it makes life easier, we need to be aware that this can have a huge impact on education and some of those can be considered positive but also can have some negative consequences. There have been studies that show how bad can be the impact of social media on people’s brain, but this is not the end, these negative effects not only have a effect of social media in the way that can affect education, it also has a big impact on society as a whole. There are several ways in which social media can affect education and it is important for us to know this. Because of the social media, students are not accustomed as much to having face to face conversations. Secondly, it is being known that students are not developing the same accuracy in the written word, which is so bad. Thirdly, it is being proved that students who spend more time on social media and attempt to multi task, checking social media while studying, show reduced academic performance. And finally, it is also known that retention can also suffer as a result of social media the technologies employed, and also the fact that many students rely on the accessibility of information on social media specifically and the web in general to provide specific answers. As we can see, social media had literally changed the way we think, the way we interact with people, and the most important thing, who we are. Even though, there are several negative things that social media has created, it is good to know that there are also some advantages of social media, but in my consideration we should be aware more about the negative things that this can bring to us. In other words, is all about how people look at the situation and do a analysis to see if social media is really convenient for them or not, but like I said in my consideration I personally believe it brings more negative things than positive, even though I have to admit It helps me a lot, but I am just trying to do not rely on social media in order to make myself better.




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