#HurtBae Overnight Meme Celebrity

#HurtBae Overnight Meme Celebrity

Kaleen Washington

hurt bae

Photo by Pop Sugar

#HurtBae went VIRAL, after the video released of her discussing the turmoil of her relationship with her ex-boyfriend. The video went from a few likes and retweets, to thousands and thousands and thousands – until it eventually turned in into millions.

But that wasn’t the craziest thing, people instantly turned the video into a meme and #HurtBae turned into a celebrity overnight. This once again displayed the power of social media. One day they were just two regular people living their lives, the next day the whole world had access to their lives and stories. They became public figures off of memes.

While many sympathized with #HurtBae she was able to take off in her aspirations of one day becoming a model. Her career took off for her and gave her access to many opportunities she might not have had, without her video and face going viral!

This isn’t just a one time thing though. Many people become famous off of memes, let’s take for instance, #SaltBae. After the picture below popped up, it almost immediately went viral on social media. Celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio even went to the restaurant to see him do his infamous gesture which gave him the name #SaltBae.


Photo By Pop Sugar

Going viral is a real thing, and although there isn’t much strategy behind – and is based more on luck, it is very effective. It can boost an image and even create brands that weren’t even being thought of. The power of in the internet and what we can do with a few words on a picture.



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