Instagram Stories Are Key THIS MONTH!

pictures-new-instagram-logo-instogram-logo-new-2016-todayssaltBy: Damian Jones

This month of April has crowned a new King of stories, Instagram has now became more popular than Snapchat. I know, who saw it coming?! An article in Entrepreneur states that as of the 14th of April Instagram has over 200 million people using it’s new Stories feature. It didn’t take long for Snapchats competition to come in and quickly make an impact. I’ve personally seen people like Timothy Delaghetto (Wild’N’Out Star) mention that he may make an official conversion on Instagram and leave snapchat since it’s practically the same thing however due to having a rather large base of people who still like to watch snaps he’s been active on both since but more so on Instagram. I must say I thought this would be a Snapchat killer because you don’t have to go to another app to watch stories and scroll down Instagram feeds and the App has also created photo sharing where the photos go away, sounds familiar huh! With all of that being said I would think there would be some sort of copyright with all of this social media copycat going on but it seems as if this is all fair game. I actually really like how diverse Instagram is becoming instead of it being just photos, Snapchat is cool but it’s not as engaging to me as Instagram or as business savy. I would rather do marketing on Instagram to promote an organization and it’s activities with all of these features instead of snapchat. This is sounding like a very biased blog and in a lot of ways it is but I use both platforms on the daily and I get so much more out of Instagram.


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