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By: Nina Moreno

Live stream has become the future.

With the click of a button, anyone can broadcast their life. It’s on Instagram, Facebook, and even Youtube.  Going live entitles anyone to be apart of the show. Businesses, are one of the many reasons it’s okay to use. By conducting Q&A’s, businesses are able to interact with their consumers and find faster and better ways to serve them. Another example is through events. Sometimes businesses want people who didn’t attend a showcase, to feel jealous. With Facebook LIVE, anyone can share the video and digitally view what their missing. For personal accounts, think about the many birthdays you missed. Now, whether near or far, you can live the moment in real time and real life.

But although going LIVE, might sound like a good thing, for the past month, things haven’t been going so well.

On April 13th, we saw a teenage boy shoot himself on accident through Instagram while his friends watched him LIVE. A couple of days later, an ongoing manhunt arised after he killed an elderly man on Facebook.

With technology becoming so high-tech, anyone can take advantage of the mass consumers on their social media. Videos are the new era and there aren’t any limitations on the internet anymore. But should there be? I think so.

Let’s take a second to think about newscasts and TV shows, nothing necessarily is LIVE unless it’s breaking news or a Live shot, but that ultimately has backfired as well. Many times, reporters have caught people cussing on camera or wanting their 15 seconds of fame.

Going Live might sound fine and dandy, but it shouldn’t be as open as possible. Facebook, Instagram and Youtube should look deeper into the problem. People are turning the Live feature into a “view to die for” , and it’s literally making them kill themselves.


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