Social Media Marketing: More Important Than You Think

By: Gabriela Perez

When thinking of marketing, the first thing that pops into someone’s head is a bunch of well-dressed people in an office looking at graphs. However, social media has changed the game, and made marketing so much easier and effective for companies, business and pretty much anyone.

This year, I’ve had the honor of being one of the UNT University Program Council (UPC) Live Music Coordinators. From booking artists, to making reservations and working with tech, we basically plan these events from the ground up. However, you can build and plan all you want, but if no one knows about the event, no one will come.


That’s where social media marketing comes in.


I’m currently in the process of planning North by North Texas (NXNT), UPC’s end of the year music festival. Currently in its third year, the festival began as a way to showcase local Denton acts. However, the student body has wanted more national acts to perform at the school. This year, we are bring machineheart and DREAMERS, two national bands that are on the rise along with local pop star Jessie Frye and The Marfa Lights, a student band.


Creidt: Machineheart website

With an event of this size, making sure that we’re reaching our target audience through social media is extremely important, and the team and I have come up with a couple of different ways to market by using the different platforms.

The more people that see our posts, the more that are informed. Because of this, we are using twitter and Instagram as a way to reach a large audience online through social media contests. Our plan is to giveaway prize packs and meet & greet passes for the different artists by having students retweet and follow the UPC twitter account. Techniques like these have proved effective in the past, so hopefully having multiple contests will help us reach a larger audience.

We’ve also decided to utilize Facebook to create an event page for NXNT, allowing people to invite their friends and rsvp if they choose. Although this isn’t an accurate technique (since not everyone plans on going rsvp’s) it’s still a good way to get the word out.

Not all social media plans are perfect and the results may vary. But if utilizing social media to the best of our ability gives us high attendance at NXNT, I’ll be a happy camper.




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