Social Media Saving Lives By: Joslyn Mitchell

Most people use social media to brag to others how you are doing and living life. How we learn in class, it can also be used to increase your customers for a business and notify them of sales; but just recently social media has been used to notify the world that there are about 64,000 African American women missing in the United States.

Now of course there are people of all nationalities missing but, the main problem that has been brought to the surface is why aren’t African American women being brought to awareness such as other women. According to News One News One there have at least 30 women who have died in police custody. Why is this a big factor? To most people just bringing up the topic of race is uncomfortable to them and the topic is, sometimes, never brought up.

As I was scrolling down my timeline, I saw one follower that posted pictures of random black women and being me I didn’t read the caption until I saw the third post of a girl from another follower and it said save our girls. When I saw this my heart filled with sadness because I am one person who believes in equality for all ethnicities and genders. Grio has reported that there were 15 open cases of missing women of color in the Washington D.C. area and they were only broadcasted within their local area. I wasn’t until people started blogging and tweeting about the situation tagging all the main news stations and made it a big deal. Essence and Teen Vogue started to make articles about it and more and more people started to become aware and tweet more, until it was finally aired on one of the Major TV news stations and on the major Urban stations.

I hope that this article helps bring awareness to people that we are all humans and those are someone’s daughter, mother, sister or girlfriend and it is time for us to step up and #FindOurGirls.

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