Social Media Stories

By: Courtney Smith

When Snapchat first launched, it’s main appeal was its sense of temporariness. With so many people plugged in, haunted by old Myspace pictures, it was easy to be afraid of permanent images living on the internet forever. Therefore, it was even easier for people to feel a bit more comfortable with the idea that the pictures they post to their stories or to their friends were, in a sense, transient.
But nowadays, Snapchat isn’t the only social media platform whatsappstorieswith stories. Instagram stories have officially surpassed Snapchat story users by the millions. Then, about two months ago, Facebook hopped on the wagon and launched a story feature for their app, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

So now the issue is “Is this moment more meant for Instagram or Snapchat? Does anyone even see my Facebook story?”

Here’s the gist of social media stories IMO:

Snapchat is where I expect to see casual outings of my friends and family. From silly selfies with a dog filter to bitmojis dancing around an image of someone’s brunch, Snapchat is for those quick little updates on someone’s life.

Instagram definitely feels more like a lifestyle brand, almost like a campaign for my friends’ lives. With the boomerang video and text features, it’s easy to make every post feel like an advertisement.

Finally, Facebook. Honestly, I haven’t used Facebook stories yet, and I’ve only checked another person’s story once. As far as I know, they also have unique face filters much like Snapchat. I’m really not sure what else is so different if anything at all. This late joiner to the party only heightens that feeling that Facebook is for an older crowd, late adapters.

I guess stories are no longer a type of social media platform exclusive to Snapchat, but a part of social media itself, much like Twitter and Facebook are built off of feeds and timelines. Apparently, Google is also trying to jump in on the story action.




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