The Growth of Influencers just Higher

By Maia Wilson



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Utilizing influencers as a way to better market to target customers is one tactic that many companies are using quite regularly. No longer are companies and/or brands advertising through infomercials and cheesy advertising. They know that influencers such as bloggers, youtubers, and microbloggers are the best way to get product to their customer in a genuine and rapid way.

First we ask ourselves who are bloggers and how do they have so much power?! AN influencer, in the simplest state of the word is an person online who has a wide following of people who are both active and engaged ( Because influencers are meant to provide honest opinions of products they use, they are seen as the most reliable to their audience. In this state, the more people influencers get to buy the products they like the better the company does. So, as a company, why wouldn’t you want to have the influencers on your side? 

There has a been a major decrease of advertisements in print whether it be magazines, newspapers, or mail. So much in fact, that influencer media has over taken this form of advertising. According to, 84% of marketers are planning to or already use influencers as a marketing tool. These numbers only seem to be getting larger as the internet and mobile phones are becoming the new way to shop.

The key to imparting influencers into a company’s marketing plan is to make sure to the company chooses the right influencers for their company. Some influencers are perfect for one brand but make no sense for another. It is important for marketers to do their research on who to choose for their target market. With the right talented influencer for each company, marketing will be revolutionized into a trusty and genuine world of products.


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