The Twitter Potus

By Nicholas Solomon


The Twitter POTUS

The news just can not get enough of the POTUS’ twitter account.  President Trump’s twitter has become a staple in the political discussion.  We all watch it, analyze it, and talk about it.  Trumps twitter feed has become powerful.  What ever he tweets about is talked about in the news.  First it was the Inauguration attendance numbers, then it focused on “fake news”.  Donald Trump controls the conversation through his Twitter.


The general consensus is that Trump should reconsider how he uses Twitter now that he is President.  His tweets prompt questions (from the media) about his sincerity, his sanity, and his abilities.  Maybe his is less interested in the positive or negative impacts of his tweets, and more interested in steering the topics of the conversation.  In journalism, this is called the agenda setting theory.  So far it seems to be working.  The news covers the topic that he assigns them like a school teacher assigns homework.


The media has been going back to the Trump Twitter well long before his candidacy.  During this time, they noticed that they had an extra viewer: Trump.  Morning Joe is a show on MSNBC that knows Trump watches them.  Now, everyone wants Trump to

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From Trump’s Twitter

watch their show.  They water-down criticism on Trump to attract him to their channel.  Rachel Maddow over-hyped essentially nothing to cash in on the Trump media obsession.  According to the NY Times, Trump was given $2 billion worth of media coverage.

That’s Orwellian.



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