The Urgency of Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. and how it may just be his Ultimate Opus.

By Brayon Potillo

Happy Easter Sunday Readers! Hope all is well with your friends and family. This week I bring to you a blog post discussing the PR and Social Media tactics behind Kendrick Lamar’s new LP, DAMN.

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. was recently released via all music platforms on this Good Friday. Apart from Lamar’s previous work, “To Pimp a Butterfly,” Kendrick Lamar is back better than ever with this abrasive yet urgent body of work which speaks on the curse of disobedience and may be Lamar’s ultimate opus.

d0afb0220264c9562d6591b69af5fe34.700x700x1.jpgKendrick Album cover

When looking at the detail of the album, it appears to be a statement in itself from the LOUD yet simple cover art with the capitalized phrase “DAMN.” and a tracklist with more capitalized, one word statements from BLOOD. to LOYALTY. Are these only titles to tracks or is there a deeper meaning to music. According to DJBooth, DAMN. is deeply rooted in God, the book of Deuteronomy, and trying to escape damnation. If you listen to the beginning track BLOOD. Kendrick dies after being shot by a blind woman after offering to help find something ending with a vocal chop from Fox News discussing the controversial track Alright.  BLOOD. serves us the question, “Is it wickedness or Is it weakness” after giving us the choice of free will where we decide if we live or die, both physically and spiritually.

C9H8_PAUwAEMxzRKendrick DAMN. tracklist

After the intro track, Kendrick Lamar soon begins the deconstruction of our damnation of being human and what will matter when we leave this Earth. In the tracks, DNA and Yah, Lamar discusses the code behind who he is as a black man and what he was born into. The voice mail from his cousin speaks on the verse from Deuteronomy that states Blacks are the true Israelites that walk the Earth and how we’ve been cursed from birth. Kendrick seems to believe in the curse as he states YAH. where he knows he is cursed, but it’s apart of his nature to be disobedient to God.

“And Deuteronomy say that we all been cursed, I know he walks the earth, but it’s money to get, bitches to hit, Yah!, Zeroes to flip, temptation is Yah!.” – Kendrick Lamar

Although, it may seem the album has a negative look, there is also a positive message to it as well. If you refer to the track DUCKWORTH. it speaks on relationship between Kendrick, His father, and his boss Top Dawg. It details how the relationship between his father, Ducky and Top Dawg lead to him being signed to TDE and his success as an artist. It seems Kendrick overcomes the curse due to his boss sparing the life of his father. This track displays that through making good decisions one can overcome the curse of karma. It was through free will that Top Dawg didn’t shoot his father leading to a prosperous relationship and leading to the creation of K.Dot.

anthony-tiffith-top-dawg-entertainment-responds-twitterKendrick and his boss Top Dawg

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