Top Three Biggest Business Mistakes on Social Media

By Catalina Uriarte

As our world becomes smaller and social media is becoming the primary way of communication businesses are rushing to invest in social media platforms. Social media is a unique platform of advertising because it allows the consumer to interact with companies like they never could before. As consumers we focus on the experience. We want to feel special and connected with our brands, social media allows us to do that. While Social Media can be a great tool for building loyal customers it can also be a double edged sword. When used improperly it can be insulting and you can lose customers. Here are some of the biggest business mistakes made on social media and what we can learn from them.

  1. Not choosing hashtags wisely

Hashtags can be a great way to start up online conversations about your company and grow awareness. As a general rule of thumb, before posting any hashtag check to see if that hashtag is already trending. Make sure your hashtag can’t be tied into current

#notguily example 1
Off the Casey Anthony trail, many were upset with the verdict tweeting out #notguilty 

events unless that is your intention. Lastly, make sure if your hashtag involves more than one word that it spells out only the intentions you are going for and NOT something that will get you fired. Hashtag hijacking may be more difficult to dodge, but these examples are totally avoidable


This tweet is created to promote British singer Susan Boyle’s new album. Unfortunately it looks like it spells out. . . something else. 

2. Trying to profit off tragedy

Many companies like to make ties based on current events. It adds to relevance, emotion, and resignation. With that being said, companies should never commercialize off of

example 2 kmart
Kmart sends their prayers to Newton Connecticut shooting victims yet ads a hashtag advertising.  

tragedy. No matter how good the intentions this shows to backfire time and time again. The most recent example being Pepsi.

3. Making flat out stupid or insulting comments

bic-womens-day example 3.jpg
Sexist advertisement tells women to act like a lady but think like a man. 


While all these examples are awful these ones are just down right stupid. Always make sure what you are posting sends a positive message to all genders, races, ages, and individuals. Social media is worldwide, be culturally sensitive!






All and all be smart to avoid a social media PR crisis. Happy posting!


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