‘World War 3’

Today many people are in a huge fear of how to overcome the what could be the end of the human race once again. Is there no way to escape the way to this upcoming disaster. Actually, the bible had already shown what we need in this time and age.  When we look at the article of what people are searching it lets us see what they are worried about. In this article you will see a few charts of what people are searching on google with great speed-World War 3.

The article, Google Searches For ‘World War 3’ And ‘Trump War’ Hit All Time High, states that just a few days after President Trump was elected for president many people began to start google search about war. Well it’s no secret now since America is doing what it does best, fix problems but also create many other things, just like a big brother. So why are we blogging about this today, because some are in desperate need of protection.

Russia dropped its “No First Use” nuclear policy in 1993. Therefore, both the U.S and Russia reserve the right to use nuclear weapons first; without an adversary launching the initial strike. In this article it gives more detail about destruction but no way to escape it. Which brings me to my next point, how to escape disaster.

In the bible we can see the way to escape disaster and I will present a couple of videos you can see to help you better understand the Passover of the New Covenant and where we must flee too in order to receive this amazing truth.  Thanks.

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