Do Social Media like Denny’s Diner

By: Kalyn Baxter

It is commonly known throughout the business world that there are brands that should and should not be on a specific social media platform. The essential ones like Facebook or Twitter can be used by most but social media sites like Tumblr and Instagram might be riskier depending on the content and customer demographics. There is a company that I have recently noticed displaying content on a site that their consumers would not expect them to be on. Denny’s Diner is a company that surprised me when it comes to running a social media platform. I found out that Denny’s had a Tumblr account about a year ago, and its actually doing extremely well, as it has been for a while. tumblr_oobn3n3B3N1s46p8ao1_500Tumblr is a platform that thrives mostly on visual content, it has the social aspect of other sites like Facebook while allowing users to create a personalized blog at the same time. The graphics that Denny’s Diner creates are so visually appealing and creative that it does not make anyone regret to say they follow the restaurant. Denny’s usually gets the reputation of being a restaurant that is commonly occupied by more elder consumer rather than younger ones, but puts out great content that successfully attracts people of many age groups. Their Tumblr page is even in the running to being presented with a Webby Award in the Social, Food and Drink category. The Webby Awards will be on May 15th, 2017 and whether or not Denny’s Tumblr will win the award cannot be released until then. Along with their quick entertaining pictures their Denny’s Diner Instagram account has their unusual but great images on it. The social media accounts for Denny’s Diner has definitely shown how a restaurant can rotate between promoting a new menu item or special to posting humorous original images that are worth sharing.



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