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So today I was wondering how I could get a lot more traffic to my websites Ive been trying to start my own business for a while and I must admit it could have its difficulty like trying to get the right people to click on your profile or just trying to get people to find your page. I always wondered how them big businesses promoted their products do they have one person assigned to each website or do they split up the work? what if their was a software on the computer that could make it a lot easier to reach out to people

I started doing research and talking to my teachers and friends about it and they gave me great ideas to help me move forward with my promotion. they told me about great S.E.O programs that will be able to do just that. I just learned about reddit not to long ago with reddit you can get users to click on your pictures and it takes them directly to your link so that way you can get more views and move up on the google search engine making it easier for others to find you.

I also wanted to know how i can control multiple websites at once. like how can i post one picture and it be posed on multiple websites. I learned about  hoot suite, hoot suite not only allows you to post one pic to a lot of your websites you can also choose the time you want it to be posted which helps make things a whole lot easier and who don’t like easy

I see all of this as cheat codes not really but really i have the power to be the master of my social media and it wont take long just in the press of a button.

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