Speak into the Megaphone

By Samuel Boyd

Twitter is just one of the ways stars have to stay relevant. – Photo Courtesy of The Wrap

Social media has become a film megaphone. I’ll explain that in a bit.

I’ve discussed the relationship between movies and social media throughout the blogs this semester. So with my final blog, I have decided to keep with the trend and vaguely discuss why it is that modern cinema pretty much depends on social media.

Of course you’ve seen by now that film companies have begun posting full trailers and teasers on their social media accounts. Even simple links tweeted by popular actors and directors can lead to a lot of traffic and traffic creates a buzz. This article shows how a Disney distribution director uses social media to create buzz for movies because the best way to help a movie succeed, paraphrasing his quote, is to bring the trailers to the audience and let them engage from there.

That brings forth another trend in modern moviemaking. Actors and actresses are asked to have a large social media following before they can be cast. Actress Gemma Arterton revealed this “terrible trend” in an interview in 2016. She goes on to say that this trend pushes away up and coming actors/actresses that are talented but have not garnered a following yet. In short, it keeps super stars super so long as they can maintain a captive social media audience.

Just a few “notable” actors. – Photo Courtesy of The Wrap

This just makes it even harder to reach stardom without social media shout-outs or a low budget film that lifts someone’s career off the ground. So, in a way, social media helps out the production companies but can really constrict the actual performers. It’s a curious dance between parasitic and beneficial in nature.

Whatever the reason, social media is here to stay in the presence of movies. It’s like a megaphone for production companies: Loud enough to gather more attention, so long as it isn’t too overbearing and annoying.




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