Facebook is trying to become Snapchat.

Facebook Messenger has recently done an overhaul on their app, adding a feature to post photos of the day for 24 hours similar to Snapchat’s story feature, they’ve even added a camera with a drawing feature which is just like Snapchat’s drawing feature which lets you draw on your snaps for some creative interaction. They’ve copied the company/entertainment stories that are posted by news organizations and other shows.

Not even their other platforms are safe, as Instagram has recently gotten stories as well that can only be seen for a certain amount of time. On the Left is Facebook’s Instagram stories and on the right is Snapchat. Link


This isn’t the first thing they’ve taken either, they’ve also added cash transfers to the Messenger app just like Snapchat’s Snapcash function allowing you to snap cash to people. The icing on the cake is that there is a function to scan codes from other people’s Messenger app to add them just like Snapchat has been using since about two to three years ago. Facebook clearly has no shame in their copycat ways just like most big companies that copy ideas that have given an opponent an edge on the market. The only big difference is that Facebook’s app is still mostly for messaging and as such has more features for text and stickers.

By Brandon Carithers

Published by

UNT Eagle Strategies

Class members of the social media class in the Mayborn School of Journalism