Feed your life with live feed

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By: Michaela Bull


Feed your life with live feed


Social media has adopted the phenomenon of live video and it is spreading like crazy. Live video or live feed has been an exploding idea that few major networks are not taking advantage of. The idea of live video is to deliver the most authentic content possible with no edits or time to fix mistakes. Live video is raw and natural and makes the viewer feel as close to the situation as possible without actually being there. This phenomenon was first introduced through YouTube’s foundation, offering videos that capture real and unfiltered moments. As social media has taken it on, the possibilities and accessibility have spread like fire.

It has been overwhelmingly known at this point that millennial’s are a big advocate of video. The transition in popularity and attraction from pictures to video has been underway for some time now. The appeal of videos comes from the quick and engaging content that does not require a lengthy attention span. Millennial’s play a large role in the demand and success of live video and are the reason brands and public figures are jumping to utilize it as much as possible.

The spread of live video has created new opportunities for brands to connect with their consumers. The highly engaging factor of live video provides real time updates to consumers to feel as connected as possible with every change that occurs. Live video builds the relationship between brand and consumer and offers a chance for dialogue to develop.

Since the spread of live video has appeared in nearly every social platform, the opportunity for new technology has been able to form and expand with it. Innovations like disappearing media, lends filtering, augmented reality, and VR have been just a few of the next big features to develop on these social platforms that have connected with live video in some way.




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