Give Your Social Media Presence a Boost

By Chastany Beaver

Everyone wants to know the science behind having a successful social media presence online. From seeing the social media accounts of celebrities or IG models, people want to have a ton of followers and be popular online, but how? To become a social media professional or guru with high engagement, one must increase the  reach of page.

As learned in my social media class, reach is the number of unique people who saw your post regardless of how they saw it. This also includes going viral, sharing or reposting trendy, newsworthy content , or purchasing advertisements that drive people to your content.

The primary rule of engagement is: If you want to increase engagement, be engaged Social media engagement is a two-way street. The conversation starts with you listening to what your audience is saying. You can use analytic tools and others to monitor where your brand or products are being mentioned, where your website links are being shared, and what kind of sentiment surrounds the conversations about your company and products.

Today visual content is the most engaging form of content online. They need to be stunning, attractive or tell a story and give your audience a reason to stop their scrolling and engage with them. Some of the most engaging content online involve games, tools, quizzes, contests or apps..

A very easy way to boost content on your blog, Facebook page or other social media page is to ask questions of your audience. Ask them what they like, what they plan to do this weekend, when is the last time they took a vacation and where they went. Ask them a fill in the blank question.

People love to talk about themselves and when asked are often more than willing to respond. Asking the right questions can boost your comments and likes, and responding to their comments can help you establish a two-way dialogue with your fans and followers.

Another way to boost your social media engagement is to participate on forums like Quora and LinkedIn Groups. Answering questions in the domain of your expertise on Quora will establish you as an expert.

Ultimately, you want to give to others what you want to receive. If you want others to like, share and comment on your content, you have to give some love first. Like, comment on and share posts from other pages you like. It could help you build some great relationships online.

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