Is social media really important?

By TingHsuan(Rose) Kuo

As the semester is coming to an end, the question arise “is social media really as important as we think?” We have learned so much tips on social media and digital marketing, but we constantly go back to the question doubting if social media is right for businesses.


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Throughout the classes this semester, an important aspect we were taught to always consider is the audience of your business. Social media is an amazing tool to use for marketing but it may not be perfect for every business. Some may argue social media is cheaper than traditional marketing, and forgot about the fact that social media is high on human capital. In fact, big retail corporation are spending tremendous amount on bringing talent that could create an online buzz to attract target customers, and not to mention the money they put in to digital marketing like display advertisement, retargeting, and search engine marketing.


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Depend on the industry you are in, different platforms of social media may come in handy to you and assist you different ways. For entertainment, and fashion industry, any types of media is a form of their portfolio. It is essential for them to utilize it and allow their fans to follow up with them. Other industry like retail and restaurants are also jumping into the social media game. It is important for them to stay in touch with the market and know what the customer’s want and need, and it is seen as part of the customer service now. Other industry like travel agency and real estate are experiencing hard time to modernize their marketing strategy, since their target marketing have shift to a new generation. In the nutshell, social media is an amazing tool to get in to but never forget who your target audience is and what you want your brand to represent.


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