Pinterest is Becoming Unlikable (but We Still Like It) by Cameron Harlow

Pinterest is becoming unlikable.

But not in the way you’re thinking. They’re getting rid of their “like” button in hopes of making it clearer to Pinners about what they’re saving and what their simply liking. Pinterest has announced that they have received feedback about the confusion of having a save and like button that function in the same way.


This change, however, comes with an interesting twist– Pinterest is straying from the typical social media makeup making them.. not social media?

Though Pinterest has said that they are not a social media network, many have seen it as such. This move of not having “Like” buttons is a step in a more believable, not-a-social-network direction.

Ben Silbermann, founder of Pinterest, says that Pinterest “isfor saving ideas, not riling people up or big statements”. Something that almost critically defines a social media network.


Many disagree with him, however. Pinterest was named the “hottest new startup” in 2012 and has maintained the interest through today. It has grown to be a place of creativity sharing and conversations about new ideas.  Something that also defines what a social network is.

A pretty big staple of a social media platform, however, has been the tradition of “likes” or “favorites”. The option of “liking” something on Pinterest was confusing for some as it was simply another way of saving a link or image that you liked to a board only you could see. “Saving” a link or image would allow you to post to a board that is either public or private. Regardless, you saved it so you could see it later.

As Pinterest removes its “like” button, so it removes itself as a branded social media platform– something they are okay with. As Silbermann said, it is a place to share ideas, not to start arguments.

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