Social Media Combine

Geoff Hangartner

By James Elimian

When teams search for prospects, they look at the talent of the player by going over various film of them, their vitals (weight, height etc), the background of the player ( where he grew up, his family ) and whether they would be a good fit on the team. Surprisingly, according to an article on ESPN  about the ins and outs of the ways social media is used by NFL teams to track player  now teams are looking into social media of players and using that as part of their evaluation process. The impact of what players posting the wrong things on social media can be costly. For example, Laremy Tunsil a sought after college player was in the center of controversy when a video surfaced of him smoking marijuana and it was posted to his Twitter account. You can read more about that here . He claimed he was hacked but despite his claims his draft stock was hurt by the incident and he was picked up much later in the draft then he was supposed to. In the article, a sports agent Peter Schaffer says that due to the emergence of social media there are now people who track what the players are doing and saying online. He says there are 2 people who keep track of all the things rookie players are doing on social media. They have come across  many interesting posts including one in which a player took pictures in front of cocaine and shared it with his friends. The article also went into depth about the different ways some teams in the NFL can find information about a player before they draft them.  One  team can pull up anything a player has posted on social media regardless whether the player deleted it or not. Another team starts looking at a players social media during their junior year in college, seeing that most players declare for the draft during that year.  Another team assigns people to look at the social media of a prospect and if anything alarming is found, they let upper management know before the draft the player. This information is very interesting, because it shows with the rise in the use of technology with millennials that companies and even professional sports organizations are adapting to it and integrating it into their decision process.




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