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By: Taylar Gomez

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There are many new and emerging technological innovations that are changing the way we communicate with each other. Video and audio are alternate forms of communication that have been more widely used than forms of text. This has to do with Google implanting a more dynamic way to search for specific things on the massive search engine. The way that users can generate search results from Google include, image, video, and audio. Audio or voice search can be extremely beneficial as one of the up and coming trends for search. This is something that can help people when they are in a hurry and not able to look down directly at their smart phones to type out a search.


So, what exactly is voice search? Voice search allows user to utilize a device by searching for data by speaking. Voice search offers more accessibly for people that cannot see or are in a hurry and cannot look down at their device. Ultimately, voice search will begin to enter the mainstream and become one of the main forms of communication between users and their smart phones.


Google’s search engine is not the only one entering the voice search communication tool. Amazon voice has become a popular form of voice communication and search over the past couple of years. This is due to devices like Amazon Alexa, which allow users to communicate with a device that can be placed in their home. This is contributing to the idea of ‘the internet of things’ and the third wave of digital transformation. Amazon is preparing to expand its platform and better position itself for the increasing prevalence of voice search. If and when this happens, it could be a benefit to marketers looking to leverage the potential of voice search.

Amazon is looking for ways to integrate the service into voice because it looks to leverage its increasing reach over the emerging tech because of the overall growing success of paid search on mobile and desktop

Online spending coming from clicks on paid search ads increased 45% year-over-year (YoY) in the 2016 holiday shopping season (according to data from Adlucent, a digital marketing agency)

If successful for Amazon, paid search could serve to guide strategy for other voice search companies













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