YouTube as a Career

By Mary Cage | @MaryCagePTG

Social media has been seen as a fun tool, a networking tool, a marketing tool, but. . . as a career? Sure, social media marketing jobs are becoming more and more common, but there is one social media platform that has provided users a career opportunity for years: YouTube.

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A large number of “YouTubers” have found enough success on the video-sharing platform that not only have they amassed millions of subscribers, but they have found themselves on tour, writing books, collaborating with major companies, and participating in multiple big projects. YouTubers at this level have essentially reached celebrity status.

One of the most notable aspects of YouTubers’ careers is that the topics they cover are by no means limited. Beauty gurus, fitness experts, comedians, advice givers, gamers, and a number of other YouTubers with specific niches – or a specific randomness – have all found success as big-time video creators.

So how does it work? Obviously, it is free to join YouTube. Revenue can come from AdSense, which is “a targeted advertising program developed by Google.” As for becoming big enough to make a career out of YouTube, it is as simple – and complicated – as creating quality content that will attract a mass of viewers and subscribers. This will, in turn, result in more payment from AdSense.

Like any other sort of business, another key to success is determining your audience, what kind of content they want to see, and how to share it with them. This is no different than determining a target market.

A YouTube career may seem like an easy job, but that most certainly is not true. When YouTube is used as one’s way of making a living, their life must be dedicated to consistently creating quality content. This means a life dedicated to filming and editing, and just generally sharing your personality with your followers. A YouTuber is an entertainer; their life is their career.

casey holmes
YouTube beauty guru Casey Holmes. Source:

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