Social Media can be depressing

Lately I’ve been on social media a lot lately especially Facebook and every time I get on its never anything good. I mean every time its either killing or something thats just so negative that makes me feel down. iv’e even considered deleting my Facebook but it never really gets deleted. it dose this thing when they really don’t delete it but they say they did. I started blocking negative views from being advertise to me so that way I can have a clear mind im just tired of seeing people get killed not only that but people promoting ignorance. its like you get more RT or shares the more dumb the content your promoting is

I recently watched this one guy named Steve Stephens killed an elderly man on his facebook live and that was so sickening to watch and a couple of days later the man that was killed family was interviewed and it was just a sad video to watch. I watched another video of a mouther going to talk to a couple of girls with her daughter because they where bulling the daughter and the group of girls jumped the mom. It was sad to know that this is the type of generation we are living in.steve stephens, stevie steve, steve stephens facebook, stevie steve facebook, stevie steve cleveland, steve stephens cleveland .

Social media has also made it very difficult to find a reliable source of new because its so manny opinions being passed around you don’t know which on is real


George Jalloh

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